Step by step: WS_FTP (PC)

Open WS_FTP and you'll be taken directly to the "WS_FTP Sites" window.

Highlight the "MySites" folder by clicking on it once. Click on "New".

At the "New Site/Folder" dialog box select "FTP Site". Create a name of your choice for your site and ENTER it in the white box located below "with name:". Click on "Next".

You are now at the "Host Name" dialog box. Enter your domain name or IP address. Click on "Next".

You are now at the "Logon Information" dialog box. Enter your username and password. If you do not want to enter your password each time you log on to your FTP site enable the "Save Password" option box by selecting it. Click on "Finish".

To connect to your site, in the "WS_FTP Sites" window double-click on the site folder you created (or highlight the site folder and click on "OK").