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Insurance Website Packages

Instructions for Modifying Content | Layout & Formatting Guide | Image Library | Content Checklist

Instructions for Modifying Content

The editable content is the text and "plug-in" graphics that appear in the white area to the right of the navigation buttons and below your company name/logo, except for pages that contain forms (only limited modifications can be made to forms pages -- see the Layout & Formatting Guide for details).

Initial Setup. After you place your initial order, we build your site with sample generic content pre-inserted. This is done to give you a feel of the possibilities and ideas for what to write -- it is much easier to edit a page than to write one from scratch. Since this "sample" content is not your own and to give you the time you need to make any changes, we do not make the site available to the public until you tell us. Once you give us the go ahead to open the site to the public, you take full responsibility for all it's content, including the elements we have provided that you may not have changed.

To edit site content.

  1. Review the Layout & Formatting Guide for page layouts and formatting options.

  2. Send your requested changes to support@itempo.com. Changes are only accepted via email. In your email:

    • Give us the URL of your website (i.e.- www.yourdomain.com).
    • Tell us what section/page you are editing. It's best to use the URL of the page to avoid any confusion.
    • Let us know which layout you wish to use (Layout 1 or Layout 2) from the Layout & Formatting Guide.
    • Insert your text into the body of the email, or attach an MS Word or text document. Note that the formatting (bold, etc.) may not show properly in the body of the email. In either case, be sure to describe any formatting as necessary.
    • Let us know which plug-in graphics you wish to include (if any), and if selecting more than one per page let us know the order you would like them to appear in. You may select graphics from our image library or provide your own (see below).

Providing your own images.

Any images that you provide must be in a digital format and sent to us via email. We can accept the following image formats (Mac or PC): JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, AI, PNG, EPS.

Any images that you provide may be resized to fit properly on the page. Images may also be compressed as necessary to reduce file size and thus reduce download time on your site. Compression may cause a reduction of the quality of your images which cannot be avoided.

Retouching, cropping and color corrections can be done, if requested, for an additional cost.

If you cannot provide your images in a digital format, scanning services are available at a cost of $15.00 per scan.

Providing your logo.

We can incorporate your logo into any design theme if you provide your logo in a digital format. This is actually a free one-time alteration to the design theme and not considered part of the editable content of the site. How we incorpoate your logo is highly subjective and will depend on your logo as well as the theme you have chosen. It is up to you to pick a design/color theme that works best with your logo.

We can accept the following image formats (Mac or PC): JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, AI, PNG, EPS. Ideally we should receive the original, high-resolution, unflattened document with a transparent background (ask your artist about this). Otherwise send us with what you have, but understand that the quality will depend greatly on what you provide us with.

Internet limitations and designer reviews.

It is important to realize that your text and your site in general may not look the same on various different computer systems and browsers. This is a fact of life on the Internet and cannot be avoided. Although there may be differences, the guidelines that we've established will insure that your content looks good and is functional on most any computer system and browser widely used today.

This is why all of your content changes are reviewed by one of our designers, with minor modifications made as necessary (including obvious spelling and grammar errors). And we will let you know if anything you wish to do is not feasible or could cause any undesired side effects.